“Around the table” is an expression (and activity) that must be recovered

Image result for sharing tableI do not think I’ll discover anything to anyone if I say that nowadays Spaniards spend less time on food than previous generations did. Dedicating less to food, in most cases implies less time to share other things with our closest and dearest . Although that of gathering around a table is a feature that characterizes most of the cultures, perhaps it is in these parts where we are most resistant to the change that the times seem to force. We Spaniards like it, or at least we have a reputation for sharing more things and more time around a table when we get together to eat.

This summer I had the opportunity to contrast it again, although in truth, if we pay attention, we have almost daily opportunities that highlight it. Well, the fact is that for strictly personal reasons I moved with the family to visit the parents of an old college friend who died years ago … have old friends (although they are no longer among us) is what has, that ties that you establish with them go beyond the personal … so, this July he played “road and blanket” and visit some gentlemen, Obdulia and Manolo, both of 87 years, and spend with them and other friends a couple of warm days in his house in Ourense.

I tell you all this because most of our stay happened without a doubt around the table … the kitchen-dining room, preparing what we were going to eat, eating it and then, after dinner … telling us our things, putting us up to date, confessing to some extent and remembering with all the joy of the world other times. If the tables spoke, I would like to keep that one from Ourense so that it would recount us after a while everything lived around us.

In addition to the corresponding walks through a spectacular natural environment (our friends live in a house with “real” garden) as I say I can not help but recognize that we spent most of the time sharing , with other guests (neighbors who came to eat with us) many more things than what we ate .

In the most gastronomic plan, there was no shortage of the products that this lovely marriage produced (and not only in its garden): its sausage, the Galician empanada, its vegetables, its potatoes … and of course a spectacular octopus á feira (the best I’ve ever had). tested in my life or at least tied with the one I tried 12 years ago in the same house) could not miss.

I tell you all this as a tribute to that friend I had, Manolo, and that I had the fortune to share with other good friends: and of course also those dear people who are Obdulia and Manolo, their parents.

Ikea Spain to raise issues

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But in line with this issue, at the same time I would also like to raise a campaign that IKEA Spain is going to raise these issues and, honestly, I like it a lot. From what I have seen it is, using the business niche of this company, invite to cook as a way to disconnect on weekends, as well as facilitating the kitchen during the day , especially at dinners; and help improve planning in everything that has to do with the food cycle .

And to me, that someone favors and invites you to retake these good and healthy habits … I think it is very successful. And no matter what they say, I can not imagine our stay in Ourense around a table while we consumed pizza at home or industrial “homemade” croquettes . It would not have been the same. And I do not mean the gastronomic.


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